Monday, July 21, 2008

Using Mobileme to sync my contacts and calendar

I decided to try mobileme. I like the idea of having all my contact lists synced and my husband just bought a mac so we got a discount on the family price. This will let us have 5 people use it with the one license. It only costs $50 dollars more for the family plan and you get a $30 discount when you buy a mac. Since my husband and I will both use it for iphones and it is cheaper than buying two separate subscriptions.

First I synced and backed up my iphone one last time.

Next i synced my pc with mobilelme. It was pretty easy to set up because you just need to register and create an account. This lets you get an email address and an account name and password.

Note: If you start this in Itunes, you get two months free trial right now.

The software was already installed (came with itunes) and all i had to do on my pc was go into the control panel and open the MobileMe Control Panel item. This allows you to associate your account info and setup the sync.

You can schedule it to run daily, hourly, every fifteen minutes, as needed. It will sync the contacts on my pc with the contacts stored out there on the mobileme Cloud each time it runs.

You can also store files that you want to share across multiple computers using the idisk feature. I put a file out there for some software i have that doesn't have a smart sync and I am going to try to share that file between computers.

On my iphone, You set it up like you do an email account.

*Under Settings/ Mail, Contacts, Calendars menu you tap the Add Account list item and then pick mobileme from the list of email types on the next screen.
*You will get prompted to put in your mobileme account name and password.
*Next you have to decide what you want to sync. Your choices are Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks. There is no idisk options here so there is no way to access those shared files that are stored on mobileme as part of idisk. At least I haven't figured out how to do it yet. You also define how often you want your iphone to sync.

I haven't had time to really test it yet, but i'll give you an update when i find out.

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