Friday, July 11, 2008

Trying to find time to play with it!

I get to work (late now because of all the waiting in line) and go right into a meeting. I am clutching my iphone because I hope that I will get a chance to play with it in the meeting. My friend Jeff C sees it (he has been pining me on my blackberry while we are standing in line asking me on my progress so he knows all). During the meeting he tries to "subtley" nudge it toward him with his elbow or cover it with his hand and grab it. We are being pretty silly and the person we are in the meeting with us gets frustrated and says "Do you two want to have time to go play with the cell phone?" To which we laugh but I'm thinking "Yes, i really want to go play with it".

I get home and because I having my yearly fourth of july bash (we had to cancel it the week before due to inclement weather) the next day, I have to do a ton of chores and work around the house. I go to bed that night with barely anytime to do anything but turn it on and look at the basic screens.

Before bed, I send the user manual to my kindle so I can start reading it.

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Jeff Carlson said...

If Alicia had not been made aware my efforts to steal her phone I would have gotten away with it. muahaha!

- Jeff C