Thursday, July 17, 2008

App store update app featue

I like how the app store icon changes to display the number of updates available for the software you have already downloaded. Simply go back to the app store and click on the download icon in the lower right corner and say download all to apply all the available updates.

The same holds true for updating the firmware/OS. I sync it and Itunes just lets me know that I have to update it. I was having problems with my blackberry once and I wanted to see if there was a patch for it. I had to start at the RIM page, find my way to the AT&T page, navigate through model lists and current version lists to find the OS. Then I had to download it and use a special download function in my blackberry sync app. Needless to say, I haven't done it since. Maybe that is what they want. For us to not download patches. They make it so hard to do and find.

Not entirely related, but it just occurred to me today, is that I also like how you can sort apps in the App store when you're looking in the top 25 section by Top Paid and Top Free. I also like the search feature so you can just search on a name or a word in the name. I know Apple makes money off the software that is paid and not the free software, but they are making it easy for us to get the free stuff anyway.

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