Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Installing applications

I have been having a blast installing apps. Some of the coolest ones so far are:

Where To: Gives you a dial where you can quickly pick what layer you want to see on the googlemaps. You can pick restaurant, theater, Airports, Hospitals, Grocery stores, Schools etc. After you pick the layer, it takes you to a screen where you can specify an address or say "use current location". Then it takes you to google maps and shows you your location and bunch of pins to each of selected places. Tap on a pin and you can see the phone number, url, and address for the place. Just like on my Garmin Nuvi, but the data directly linked to google maps and live so it is much more up to date. You can do this without this app in the map app but this is just a quick shortcut for displaying different types of places.

Shazam: Allows you to hold up your phone to a music source (radio, speaker, etc) and it will record a few seconds of it. It then sends it to the internet server and comes back with the name of the song and artist and link to sample the song or buy it on itunes.

AIM: The aim client is very nice and easy to use. Gets right to the point.

Box Office: Based on your current location shows you what movie theaters are close to you and what movies and movie times are showing at them. Cool app but did reboot my iphone at one point.

Remote: With a simple download and entering a number into itunes, I am able to control what is playing at my desktop on itunes. It works through wireless. You can pick songs, stop and start songs, move to next track, previous track. After you install it, it displays a number code. You sync it on itunes and you will get prompted to enter the code. Enter it and thats it. Very cool. Works for us because we have a computer in the kitchen that has speakers upstairs and downstairs. I can sit downstairs in the living room and change what is playing throughout the house.

Kenkou - allows you to track health data. I am a diabetic and was always looking for an app on my bb that would allow me to track my glucose AND my weight AND other things like cholesterol and and BP. This tool has it all. Lets you also graph it. Wish there was a way to enter past data quickly so I could back fill it with the info in my little log book they gave me. One less thing to carry around. Cool!

Splash ID - Allows you to store all of your passwords and accounts, credit card info, etc. I use one on my desktop called Password keeper, but i needed it at work and other places sometimes. Tried to keep my work one and my home one is sync was a pain. Splash ID allows me to wireless sync to my desktops every time I change it on my iphone. Very cool. Was easy to setup and it really works. Comes with a desktop tool to make it easier to enter them, but I didn't like that i had to pay for that too.

Very fun game that rolls dice by shaking the iphone. Beautiful graphics as well.

Etch A Sketch - I had to buy this because I loved the idea of it. Draw using two little on screen knobs or your finger and then shake the iphone to clear the screen. Hahahaha!

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