Friday, July 11, 2008

Buying the Iphone

We meet at the store and there is already a line. John is there waiting when I get there. I bring the starbucks. About 11 people in front of him and two behind him. I got into line behind them rather than cutting because i don't want to start a war with some gadget hungry geeks. They wonderfully tell me it is okay with them if I move up to stand with john. "They probably have 300 iPhones so don't worry about it". I thank them profusely and move up to stand with John. People ahead of us have lawn chairs (I did think of it but really didn't think i would be standing in line for too long). The manager comes out after a while and hands out data sheets that talk about the different plans and options so we can decided what we want while waiting in line. After waiting for an hour, the store opens. They let the first four people in. By this point there is at least 60 to 100 people behind us. I can't really tell for sure, because the line started to wrap around the building. The first people took a really long time. The manager finally comes out and says they are having a hard time activating the phones. She says that it is taking a long time. I suggest that she keeps moving people in line through to get their accounts set upand people who are waiting for phone activation can just either wait outside or come back and get their phones. It is getting hot outside and if it takes 1/2 hour per person, it is going to take all day. 1/2 hour later - Manager comes out again and says people can activate the phones themselves in Itunes so they will start moving people faster. 1/2 hour later - Manager comes out and says she has 3 black 8 gb iphones and 8 16 gb white iphones left. We count back in line and realize we will get one but get angry because they could have figured out an hour ago how many they had vs how many people were in line and told people to go home. John is bummed because he wanted a 16 gb black iphone. I tell him it doesn't matter because we will get skins to protect our beloved new gadget and no one will be able to tell the color anyway. 1/2 hour later (10:00 am) I get in the door. They are going to leave John in line, but I say "We're together" and they let him in as well. He let me go first but I couldn't leave him out there :) I'm finally at the counter. I get a white 16 gb phone and nice black skin that also has a screen protector. My last ipod i really did a number on the screen so I want to protect this new one from day one. They can't get the SIM card to work. John is having problems getting his activated. They finall y get my sim card to work and my activation goes right through. John decides to take his and go and will activate it later at home. A few minutes later I am getting into my car with my new iphone. I have to call in for a meeting so I don't even get time to stop and play with it.

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