Wednesday, July 30, 2008

screen protectors for the iphone

I bought a polyurethane skin for the iphone the day i got it and it came with a plastic screen saver. I am a bit worried about these because i once put one on my ipod video and left it on there for a few months. When I finally removed it, it left a really stick film on it that i couldn't get off. And Ironically, scrubbing it to get it off, i actually scratched my screen.

So although wary, I knew I would be touching my screen a lot and that it is dangerous in my pocketbook to all types of screens, so i decided to try the one that came with my skin i bought at the att store. I figure it is practically an authorized screen cover. :) This was not very successful. I guess i suck at putting on these things, because no matter how much i fussed with it, i couldn't get all the wrinkles and air bubbles out and it looked bad.

So I bought some more at the ATT Store when I went back to get my husband's iphone. Didn't do much better with these. Although I do admit the old ones came off easily and without leaving a mess. They new ones were too thin and very sticky as well. Also they didn't fit exactly right. But also at the ATT Store I bought a second skin, for myself, thinking i would give the black original one to my husband. This one came with a really nice screen saver. It was also a Casemate It was a stiffer plastic and it had just a tacky side to it. Very easy to position and I only had to remove about 4 air bubbles which was so easy to remove.

It looks better than without one. Very sleek and shiny and you can't even really tell that the screen is covered. And the touch seems to work perfectly through the plastic.

So I felt bad that my husband now had one of the bumpy bubbly ones so I tried ordering a pack from apple. These are as good as the ones I got with my case. Installed it in seconds and it looks and works great.

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