Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home screen

Got so many apps now that my home screen is getting hard to navigate.

I love the fact that iphone creates panels automatically when you fill
up a panel. However it just adds new icon to the end of the current

Here's some tips for moving icons around.

Press and hold your finger on an icon. The icons will start to wiggle and some of them will little red x's in their upper left hand corner. This means you are navigate mode and shows the icons are ready to move. Now you can drag any icon to a new
place. Drag it off screen to move it to a new panel.

Tap on an x in the upper left hand corner of an icon to delete it and
uninstall an app.

Press the home button to exit the wiggle mode and go to normal navigation.

You can add icons that represent web pages through bookmarking. In any
web based app, tap the + button in the tool bar and select

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Anonymous said...

What if you're trying to drag an app, but your finger accidentally hits the little x and deletes it? Is there an "undo" feature?

Alicia The Gadget Girl said...

okay, I played with this. When you select the x you get a prompt warning you that it will delete it and all the data.
The next time you sync in Itunes it will put it back so if you don't want it again, either set it in itunes applications tab to not sync all and select the ones you want to sync, or delete it from itunes altogether before you sync.