Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I have to say that i'm a bit disappointed with the bluetooth on the iphone. It seems severely crippled and the only thing it seems to be able to let me do so far is connect it to headsets. My computer has bluetooth and although it recognizes the iphone connection, it doesn't seem to let me use it as a modem or any of the more advanced bluetooth features. I would love to be able to sync with bluetooth or to be able to print to my bluetooth printer.

Another thing that is disappointing is its ability to remember bluetooth settings. In my blackberry, it works just like wifi on the iphone. If it senses a bluetooth connection that I have already paired with, it just automatically connects. The problem is that I have two cars that both have blueset handsfree set ups. After a few tickets when they changed the law in connecticut to make it illegal to talk on the cellphone whlie driving, we sprang for the built in system on our toyota and bought our grand caravan with the built in Uconnect system.

For the first two weeks, I have had a really hard time moving back and forth between cars. Each time I switched cars, I couldn't get the iphone to recognize the other car unless i unpaired the first bluetooth connection, rediscovered the new one and reentered the passcode. This sucks!

Today for some weird reason, I was able to pair the motorola bluetooth with my iphone without unpairing the Uconnect. I'm going to take the other car tomorrow and see if it remembers the Uconnect settings or if i'll have to reenter them again. I honestly don't know what I did differently this time. I forced the motorola bluetooth into discovery mode and it just popped up.

Today, I don't even know what I did differently, I was able to add a second pairing to my iphone without unpairing the first device. I will see tommorrow if it will simply work in my other car or if I'll have to do something again. From having to play with this so much lately, I also wish it wasn't buried so many levels in the settings menu. I wish bluetooth was at the top of the settings menu with wireless.

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