Monday, July 14, 2008

Setting Up my email

I added all my email accounts and it was pretty easy except it said that hotmail wasn't supported. I searched on google and found an article on MSDN that said to set the pop3 server to and the Outgoing Mail server(SMTP) to This seems to have worked. I can see my hotmail inbox, but not any of my other folders. Good enough for now. No problem setting up gmail and or my isp provider email. Worked great.

Things I have noticed so far about email:

Cant figure out a way to delete all the contents at once. I have a spam folder in gmail and i want to just say delete it all. Can't get that to work. Although you can tap Edit and then select emails and then say Delete to delete a bunch of them at a time. Problem is that it will only display so many on the screen at once and it is a bit clumsy trying to select and scroll.

You can drag your finger in a left to right motion across an email in the inbox list (kind of like drawing a line through it) and a delete button appears on the right side of the mail item. Tap the delete button to delete it.

You can also delete pretty quickly when you are inside an email. Tap the garbage can at the bottom of the email. After the current one is deleted, it moves you to the next one. Tapping the garbage can is easy, but it takes a bit of time between taps.

Under settings \ Fetch New Data you can control how often the Iphone goes out and fetches new mail or you can leave it at Manual to save connection charges.

If you are having sending mail, you can switch off your outgoing smtp server in the Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars screen and turn on the ATT SMTP server. Pick an email account and then scroll down to Outgoing Mail server and pick the SMTP cascade menu. Toggle your smtp off and the AT&T SMTP Server on.

Clicking on a from or To name in an email brings you to screen where you can create a new contact or Add the address to an existing contact. That is a feature i have waited for for a long time.

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