Sunday, July 13, 2008

Learning how to use the keyboard and interface

The keyboard is a change from my blackberry. I am trying to use my thumbs like i did with my BB keyboard and it doesn't seem to work. Jeff C (who has a touch) says to use your index finger. Works great! Only making a few mistakes now and then now. I have to say with my blackberry that i have had for about 4 years now, i still make typing errors all the time even though i have gotten quite fast.

I love the touch screen. After using it for a day, I try to use my ipod and I keep trying to touch the screen instead of using the dial. It seems painful to go back to the dial paradigm.

I am gradually getting used to the touch interface. Not documented very clearly but it is intuitive once you learn it.

Things I have learned about the keyboard:

Pressing and holding the backspace button allows you to keep deleting.

Pressing and holding the shift key allows you to keep on typing in caps. Pressing and releasing allows the next letter only to be caps.

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