Wednesday, August 6, 2008

updating to 2.0.1

Last night, i ran the update to 2.0.1 on my iphone before going to bed. All seemed to go well. I did notice that some of my apps were missing from itunes and I had to redownload them. I don't know if this was related to the itunes /iphone upgrade or just a syncing issue. Using the "Check for purchases" option did nothing. I had to look at my itunes reciepts and then search on itunes store for each of them and install them again. It knew that I had already purchased them and didn't charge me a second time so there was at least that :)

This morning is the first time I tried to use my iphone since the upgrade. It looked fine and all my apple apps ran fine. Every single other app though crashes as soon as i try to run it. Here is the series of steps I went through to get this to work:

I powered off my iphone and powered it back on. Still the same.

I reset it (holding sleep and home key). still the same.
I tried to uninstall all my apps and reinstall them. Uninstall went fine, but the app store won't reinstall them. The message says that the apps are already installed.

I Reset the iphone again. All the apps i had uninstalled, by some miracle, appeared again. That was a bit wierd.

Uninstalled the apps again. Same problems.

Synced my phone with itunes again. Same problem.

Tried removing the apps by syncing with itunes with all no syncing apps.
No change. Apps should have disappeared but didn't.

Now I am resetting all settings and data on the iphone using the option under the General Settings. It warns that it takes 2 hours. I am about 1/2 hour in.

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