Friday, September 5, 2008


Made the decision today to jailbreak my iphone. Since my phone has already been so tempermental the last few days, i figured what the hell.

So I downloaded the QuickPwn tool for my mac.

It is pretty straight forward to do. You plug it in, it recognizes the iphone and then it prompts you to reboot and then hold the HOME key down while it is booting it again. It then installs some files on you iphone. It tells you that it will install some stuff on your iphone and then reboot. The only confusing parts were that 1) it took a long time to reboot (5 minutes) so I thought at first it didn't work. 2) the tool automatically starts to install it a second time. At first I thought it was trying to do a verify but then I realized it was actually trying to do it all over again and I cancelled out.

When it finally rebooted, I had a pineapple instead of an apple logo!

Added to my screen icons were two new ones. Installer and Cydia. I ran Cydia and it told me some components were out of date (already?) so i let it update itself. After it did that and automatically restarted itself. It took me to its Home screen. There I picked an option to see Featured packages.

There are quite a lot. I downloaded BossPrefs first because it was one of the main reasons (that and VOIP) that i wanted to jailbreak it. It lets you with a one icon select come to a screen that lets you turn wifi, bluetooth, and 3g on and off. It also lets you customize a lot of other stuff like hide and show icons, disable the apple app killswitch, show free disk space and create you own icon doc.

Installed great. Really nice app.

Secondly I installed Snapture. This is really cool camera replacement app that lets you digitally zoom in (using gestures) and MY favorite part, lets you take a picture by pressing anywhere on the screen. Very very cool.

Things I haven't tried yet include an app called Syncstep, which says it tracks how fast you are walking and plays songs from your music library to match your pace.

Also cool looking is a NES Emulator

I need to go play with what i have already installed so i'll get another blog post out later.

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